Christmas Gift Tags

My handmade Christmas didn’t quite go as planned.  As usual, there was a grand vision that didn’t happen.  Okay, so maybe there wasn’t even a grand vision, but rather grand intentions:-)  The good news, though, is that I did make a few homemade gift tags.  That counts, right?






I would tell you that I have a master plan to make a bunch more of these, but if I throw that idea out there, you know it isn’t going to happen (even though I did happen to buy $16 worth of craft felt today).

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Beautiful Wedded Bliss

Be You.


Today I celebrate my ten year wedding anniversary, and I’ve always said the thing I love most about my husband is that he lets me be me and loves me for it– my glorious faults and all.  

So my guild had an emerald Pantone challenge, and last night, I presented my little green quilt.  It seemed fitting on the eve of this milestone of an anniversary to create something that reflected where we are  and who we’ve always been in our marriage.  And for the rest of you, I hope that you get to be who are you are, too, and most importantly, I hope that your true love loves you for it.  That to me is a beautiful love.


In real life, this quilt is square, but it’s hard photographing it flat on the table without keystoning it.

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Scrappy Placemats


I don’t know about you, but I love placemats.  I use them every day.  In fact, I use placemats and a tablecloth most days.  There is just something that feels wrong about putting a plate and silverware directly on the table.  Do I have issues?


And we all know about my scrap problem.  Well, I’m so over making scrap quilts for a while (I was going to tag posts of my three recent scraps quilts, but I realized I haven’t blogged about them yet.  Fail!).  Which is one reason I started making prayer flags.  And then I decided to whip up these placemats.  And oh, this was fun!

IMG_7185I just chopped up a bunch of scraps into 2 1/2 inch squares.  I used pretty much anything except red.  I heard that when making a scrap quilt, you should eliminate a color or two so that everything will go look slightly intentional.  Or maybe I dreamed it.  Anyway, I didn’t use red (and instead opted for a red bowl in the center of the table).


I grabbed spools of thread and quilted each placemat with a different color of thread.  You know, it helps me justify my obsessive need to buy more.


And then I used my serger to finish the edge because I’m a lazy ass.  I am pretending that this is temporary until I get a real binding on there, but let’s be honest.  This is the way it is.

IMG_7191I’m tempted to cut up all my scraps into 2 1/2 inch squares now.  How about you?

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Prayer Flag

Our family moved to San Antonio 5 years ago, a town where we knew no one and knew very little about the city.  It has taken us a while to figure out the town and decide where exactly we needed to be.  And we are proud to say we are finally buying a house after five grueling years of exploring and searching for our place.


This new home and new community brings new hope and promise for Nacho Family, so to honor this moment, I made a prayer flag.


I hope this home will be filled with love.  That’s really a given since the love is with us now… but do you ever want to hit the pause button in life because everything is so perfect and you never want it to change?  That’s right now for us.


I hope we will be blessed with good neighbors.  Neighbors who won’t mind when there are kick ball games in the cul de sac and will want to pull up a lawn chair and watch or even join in.


I hope I’ll have the garden I’ve been waiting years to create– with fertile soil enriched from my own black-gold compost.  Fresh flowers cut from my own garden.  Vegetables from the garden to nourish our bodies.


I wish for prosperity so that we can afford all my big plans.  The plantation shutters.  The hand-scraped wood floors.  The granite.  All in due time, of course.


And most importantly, healthy lives.  Without our health, the rest is pretty hard to achieve.


So, as soon as we close on the house, I’ll hang this prayer flag on my fence and let the wind carry my prayers and hopes until it is time for new ones.

If you are interested in making your own prayer flag, this is the tutorial I used.

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Blogger Bella Bundle Blog Hop {Giveaway}

It’s no surprise that I’m pretty crazy for solids.  All kinds of solids.  Mainly because I’m a longarm quilter, and where there are solids, there is room to get a little fancy.  I like fancy.  Well, I just signed up for the latest session of the 4×5 bee on Flickr and I made some blocks for my quilt.  When the bee ends, I’ll have 5 more blocks from new friends from the bee.


I also have a stack of text fabrics that will work well with this palette.  In fact, I pulled a bunch of fabrics that work well with this bundle– some oakshottes, mirror ball dots, black and white prints, and text fabrics.  They all work so well with just this small pop of chartreuse, don’t you think?  and I just can’t wait to quilt in all this negative space!

So, have you met my friend Anna from Urban Stitches?  She and I have been friends for almost 3 years through San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild, and if you are short on ideas, she’s a great person to talk to.  I can’t tell you how many times Anna and I have just sat around brainstorming creative ideas. She is definitely my muse!  She also is the proprietress of the Etsy shop Ciao Bella Solids, which is where I get a LOT of my solids.    What I love about Anna’s shop is that if you order at least 5 yards, she’ll only charge $5 per yard… and that’s without a coupon.  I’m not a fan of trying to keep up with coupons, and I know that any time I need solids, I can get them for that price through her shop.  Also, if she doesn’t have what I need, she’s quite often willing to order it for me since I usually order 5-10 yards at a time. (I love solids as backings, and I sure can’t beat the price.)

Anyway, Anna let me pick out some solids, combine them to make a bundle, and then asked me to give it to you!  So here’s what I picked.

ImageLet me introduce you to my little friends, from top to bottom.

Light Lime


Etchings Stone


Etchings Charcoal

And she has the bundle in fat quarters, half-yard cuts, or yard cuts.

Some of our other friends from the guild are also playing along.  They have picked out fabrics to make bundles, and will each be giving away a bundle, so make sure you mark your calendar and hop on over to them, too.

April 15- Anna of Urban Stitches
April 22 – Erin of Schlosser Designs
April 29 – Jen of ReannaLily Designs

All you have to do to get a shot at winning a fat quarter bundle of my fabrics is leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to do with solids!  Also, sorry, but Anna isn’t able to ship internationally.  You have until April 15 to participate, and then a winner will be chosen with a random number generator.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

With QuiltCon being just around the corner, I thought I’d introduce myself. I already posted this on Instagram, so hopefully this isn’t redundant for any of you:-)

So, I’m Danielle Wilkes of Nacho Mama’s Quilt.  (daniellewilkes on IG)


5 things you don’t know about me:


1.) I would love to cook a meal for you. If I could spend a day doing anything I want, i’d be cooking or quilting, two things I do practically every single day.


2.). I never thought I’d get married, but I did, and I also never knew I could be this happy, but I am.


3.)I am an only child, which is probably why I am a natural leader. I am not good at doing things your way– I want to be the one to organize, plan, delegate, and execute ideas. This is definitely a double-edged sword because apparently the world does not revolve around me. So they say.

That's a 40 (but backwards) on my tiara.

That’s a 40 (but backwards) on my tiara. Okay, well in real life it isn’t backwards if that makes it better.

4.)Life really does get better at 40. It’s like I woke up a new person on my last birthday, and now, I wouldn’t go back to the other side of the hill for anything.


5.) I have damn near been a paid member of Weight Watchers since about 1988. It’s not their fault I have still have rounded edges, though. It’s all mine.

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Tula was into feathers before feathers were cool

You know I’m a total whore when it comes to Tula Pink fabric.  So I had this old layer cake and jelly roll of Nest.  You know, back when she was with Moda.  Yes, right?  I can’t believe she was ever with Moda either.

IMG_6476 IMG_6480

And I never ever get time to sew for myself (okay, I say that, but my blog might look like that’s a big ol’ fib.  Actually, most of these quilts are for clients and/or shop samples.), and I was hooked on Breaking Bad on Netflix, and I had to finish the series.  I had already made a couple quilt tops, and I wanted more tv time… so I needed one more project.  So here it is using this tutorial.

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