Longarm Services

I longarm quilt on a Handiquilter Avante.  Because I love the look of freehand design, I do not do pantographs.  The quilting that most of my clients want is my doodle.  When I doodle, I look at the fabric and the design of the quilt and use that inspiration to quilt all over the quilt.  This works well on many quilts, but not so much on manly quilts.  I prefer to add some geometrical design elements into those.

Pricing is based on the size of the quilt.  First figure out how many square inches your quilt  is by multiplying the length times the width.  Then multiply by the level of quilting you desire.  For instance, if you have a quilt that is 50 inches by 70 inches, the stippling price would be $52.50.

Stippling/loop-de-loops  $.015 per square inch

Doodling and other designs (that do not require marking) $.02 per square inch

Feathering $.025

The batting I have onhand is Hobb’s 80/20, Hobb’s silk, Hobb’s Cotton, Warm and White, and Hobb’s 80/20 dark.

To see some sample stitching, please check out the customer quilts photo album on my Facebook page.  If you are unsure as to which type of quilting might best enhance your quilt, I can make a recommendation.  If you are interested in having some tops quilted, please e-mail me at daniellewilkes@gmail.com, or call me at 281-748-5418.

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