Boy Scout Quilt


Another quilt for another graduate.  All done using Robert Kaufman boy scout fabric, Yarn-dyed Essex Linen, and a handful of scraps for the feathers.  This was improvisationally pieced with only a slight vision of where it was headed.


I love Anna Maria Horner’s feathers and swear I could use them in every quilt.  I’m not sure if feathers and boy scouts are related, so if they aren’t, let’s just pretend.  Isn’t there Order of the Arrow or something?  Anyway, you know I’m a shameless AMH fangirl, so the feathers were the first thing to jump in my mind when I knew I needed to make a boyscout quilt!


And have you met Lillie?  She’s my mother’s dog and came down to Texas to retire.  She’s 15 and just isn’t up for Kansas winters any more. But she loves Texas!  And boy scout quilts!


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3 Responses to Boy Scout Quilt

  1. says:

    Lillie looks good. Would you want to quilt a few quilts for me? I am trying to finish a few piled up projects. Lillian

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  2. I says:

    I found the message I had sent you about the Boy Scout Quilt. I had mentioned a few quilts. I am trying to get a few done and to have them quit taking up space but I don’t have anything right now. I saw a beautiful new book called El Camino Real about mission quilts in California and you should look at it on the internet. I got a copy. I have not done applique but this book may inspire me. I bought a copy on a trip to Kansas City. This year I am into scrap quilts to get rid of the piles of scraps. But what I really wanted to ask you several months ago was about a quilt that I saw on the internet which is modern. It is called Archipelago Quilt and is a 2 fabric quilt and is shown in squares of red and white. It was a baby quilt size but I want to make a larger quilt so I wondered how you would enlarge it. I want to use up the fabric!! Make bigger squares or more squares?? The web address is

  3. Debbie Haire says:

    Beautiful! I love the “eagle palms” detail. I am making my son a quilt for his Eagle Scout COH. Do you happen to have any fabric left over that you would be willing to sell? Thank you so much! Debbie Haire

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