Double Wedding Ring

On every quilter’s bucket list is the double wedding ring quilt, right? Two years ago, I finally started one.  Again.  Confession:  I started one years and years ago (paper piecing and piecing the rings the traditional way), but a few years ago I traded it at a UFO swap.  But this new one, well, I just needed a fresh start and a fresh technique.


I opted for the QuiltSmart method because it seemed much more do-able.  QuiltSmart is pre-printed interfacing, so it’s like paper piecing, and applique.  And the verdict?  I think I prefer the original method using templates.  It makes for a less-bulky seam.


The colors were chosen by my client.  She wanted a dwr in red, blue, yellow, and green.  What shades of those colors, I asked?  Any.  So this is my interpretation.  Did I mention this is king size?  I swear this weighs 30 lbs, too.  It’s giant and heavy.  But fun, oh so fun.  Can you tell I had a great time quilting it?


I just wish I had taken a pic of the backing.  I’m hoping that this quilt is enjoying it’s new home and is loved by its new owner as much as it was loved by me.  Also, a special thanks to Kelly P and Kim C for helping with the piecing and especially the turning of the arcs.  After I did about 8, I was over it, so this quilt could have never happened without those awesome friends of mine.

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6 Responses to Double Wedding Ring

  1. Tracy95 says:

    Danielle! That is gorgeous! I am so envious of your skills and passion. I need to spend more time over the summer honing my skills. You are me idol! 😉

  2. Vicki W says:

    It’s beautiful!

  3. kathyb says:

    I just took this class. I was googling for others that have made this quilt and came across your blog. Your quilt is beautiful, you are so talented. I had only planned on doing about 35 blocks and man I can tell you this quilt will be a ufo for a while. I am easily getting bored. it is so much work. but I love the fabrics I chose and I am sure it will look great at some point. I am more of a beginner quilter so the actually quilting is difficult for me. Hopefully some day I can master fmq. You did the quilting yourself too? All I can say is wow!

  4. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, we’ll be posting this to our Facebook page!

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