Aggie T-shirt quilt

This quilt is special.  It’s the fist person who has received a baby quilt and a graduation quilt from me, which means I’ve been doing this a while.  (It also means that I rarely make baby quilts.)  So this is for my college roommate’s daughter.


Wait, let me back up.  Mika was my college roommate.  But really, she’s a lot more.  Our grandparents pipelined together, our mom’s grew up together, and we were college roommates.  I was her maid of honor, her daughter has my name for her middle name, and she’s really like a best friend.  She’s actually the friend who we’ll take each other’s secrets to the grave– the kind of friend every girl has.  And our mom’s have the same relationship with each other.  So, anyway, this is for her daughter Megan Danielle, who is attending our alma mater.

My husband and I, along with Megan’s mom and dad all are graduates of A&M, so to have Megan go to school there, it really gives me a reason to remember the good ol’ days with her mom. BTW, Megan received this quilt for graduation last spring (but I’m just now posting!), and I just heard that she made the dean’s list.  Whoop!!

Okay, the quilt… let’s discuss.  I wasn’t planning to make a t-shirt quilt, but since her experience is really an experience for all of us, I wanted to put a little piece of her parents and my husband and I in there.  I have her dad’s lacrosse jersey, and a shirt from each of the rest of us.  I’d hate for her to be at A&M alone since I kind of broke the family cycle by not giving her a best friend like our grandparents did for our moms and our moms did for us:-)

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3 Responses to Aggie T-shirt quilt

  1. Candy says:

    That is so sweet. It was a very special quilt and gesture.

  2. Shanti Buttram says:

    What a beautiful story! The quilt is AWESOME!

  3. Suzanne says:

    A story of inter generational friendships…..beautifully expressed in fabric and prose! I love all these characters…..

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