Ruth’s Legacy

St. Pious X Steeple, New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Pious X Steeple, New Orleans, Louisiana

My Aunt Ruth passed two years ago this month, and when I was at her funeral in New Orleans, I looked up into the steeple of St. Pious X, the church where she had attended daily mass for a gazillion years, and I knew what I should do to pay tribute to the spiritual legacy she left our family. Aunt Ruth was the first lady I knew who went to daily mass.  Before her, I didn’t even realize that they offered church on weekdays.  (Sorry, Mom and Dad, but it’s true.)  So I made this quilt, that I will pass on to my Uncle Lucien, or one of her sons… as soon as I can part with it.  I was hoping to show it at QuiltCon, but it didn’t make the cut.  Maybe I’ll shoot for Dallas or San Antonio this year.


Feel free to click on the image to see it larger.  As you can see, I had a lot of fun quilting it, too.  I was working on this trying to beat the QuiltCon deadline entry, so I channeled Aunt Ruth, and you know, I think she heard me because my tension was flawless, and my thread did not break once.  It was the perfect quilting day with Aunt Ruth guiding me at my machine.


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1 Response to Ruth’s Legacy

  1. Candy says:

    That is a beautiful quilt and such a sweet post.

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