Teacher Gifts

Nacho Baby has an amazing teacher this year.  She differentiates instruction, is creative as can be, and is a master at seamlessly integrating technology in her lessons.  The best part, though, is that she has made learning fun for my son.  Overall, this has been the best year for my son.  We moved to a new house, and now Nacho Baby gets to ride the school bus, which is probably his favorite thing in the whole world!


Before the year began, I made this tote for his teacher.  I saw it on Pinterest, of course.  And I followed the path and the girl who made one had an etsy shop that I can’t seem to find.  Maybe she is no longer selling her wares.  Anyway, as soon as I can find it, I’ll plug in the link.  If you find it sooner, feel free to share.  So, this girl with the shop will sell these personalized bags for $30ish, which is a great price when you consider the hand-stitching around the letters. This was fun to make, but there probably won’t be another one made here:-)

How did I make it?  I bought the bag at my local craft store– 3 bags for $7.99!  Then I put fusible webbing on the back of several scraps that I then cut into triangles, and then fused them on the bag.  Afterward, I attached rick rack.  Then, I made the letters, fused them, and went around them with perle cotton by hand. Easy peasy.

For Christmas, I made Mrs. Reynolds a quilted ipad cover. (I also gave her an itunes gift card)


I used Freckled Whimsy’s free tutorial.  It pretty much demystifies zippers.  Seriously.  I didn’t even cuss.  The only change in the pattern was that I made it a little larger so that an ipad with a smart cover could more easily fit in it.  The first ones I made will fit my Nook, but then I made it a little larger for my ipad2.  Stylistically, I’m completely inspired by Amber Carrillo.  She has amazing style.  In fact, go look at her stuff in her etsy shop.  Her blog is also awesome.  She’s always working on something cute and clever.  In fact, if you like her stuff, contact her because I know she does this for a living and will ship to you!

The one thing I’d change about this ipad case for Mrs. Reynolds is that I’d use a lighter green for the dialogue balloon so that the words can be seen.  Or maybe just use a black thread.


So there you have it.  What crafty things did you make (or plan to make) this year?


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