AMH Feathers

Anna Maria Horner is my favorite designer (tied with Tula, of course! Can I just say that I love them both equally?)  What I love about Anna Maria Horner is her ability to put a line of fabric together that works together but doesn’t look matchy matchy.  I love her Bohemian style in its entirety.


My friend Jordan and I were waiting for her FREE feather pattern to become available, and when it did, we jumped on it.  Like pronto, y’all.  Have you seen it?  When I finally noticed it on Pinterest, we set up a sewing date the very next day.  And then I couldn’t stop until this became a quilt.


This quilt is going to live with my friend Artist Steven Tilotta.  We’ve been friends since 7th grade when I threw frog guts on him in science class.  We became even better friends in 8th grade when he rode his bicycle to my house (crossing Beltway 8 in Houston!) with a Monopoly game strapped to the back of his bike.  And by 9th grade, luckily we were good enough friends for him to tell me I looked like a hot air balloon in my red MCHammer pants.  Thank goodness he told me before I wore them again and ended up in the yearbook. That’s friendship, guys.


Steven is an artist, and I’m a collector of his work.  My favorite piece that I own is one that I call “Fury of the Catholics.”  (He calls it A Study in Red or something.)  He’s also created collage art for me with student essays, and collage art with some wine labels and classical sheet music (In our urban loft living days, we used to have wine parties and invite our piano playing friend to come play while we sat around pretending to be sophisticated.), and even some pencil drawings of Marilyn Monroe and Madonna (Steven, the early years!).  My favorite though, is a collage he did called Act 2.  (I’ll come back and hyperlink when I can find it!)  So, if you need art created, Steven is a versatile artist, and can do whatever you want– I’m sure of it.  Or if you need help bedazzling a Selena costume, call us.  We’ve done it before.  Like I said, very versatile.

Steven, I hope you love the quilt.  Love you, buddy!

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5 Responses to AMH Feathers

  1. Steven T!lotta says:

    I fell in love with it when I saw the pics where the lighting was not the best! NOW I AM BESIDE MYSELF…. I LIVE!!!! I CANT WAIT TO HAVE IT. I was going to cuddle up with it now, It’s going on my wall where art belongs.

  2. LOL Actually the painting you refer to is called “Red vs Orange” However I like your title better!!!

  3. I’ve seen these feathers on pinterest, but when I saw these on ig last night I immediately downloaded the pattern, and started pulling fabrics. At 1:30 am. HA! I love how this turned out, sooo great!

  4. Tracy95 says:

    Danielle! This is gorgeous! You are my quilting hero. I love it. Thanks for being so awesomely inspirational.

  5. Nancy Stewart says:

    Looking for *feather* style embellishments for jean jacket and FOUND YOUR ART !!
    Love Ya!
    From Ohio

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