SAMQG Retreat Quilt Show

Yesterday I talked about my Echino Quilt.  Shortly after finishing my quilt, it was time for our annual spring SAMQG retreat.  We had a quilt show at the retreat.  All ladies decorated their beds (and some even decorated their nightstands– overachievers!!), and we did a walking tour of the quilts.  I highly recommend this as a retreat activity.  We made a rule that the quilts did not have to be made by the quilter herself, but they could be rescues, family quilts, or even store-bought.

I didn’t get pictures of all the quilts, and unfortunately, this was at night, so the lighting is terrible and hard to edit.  But I’ll show you a few.

First up is my quilt.  I put it with a Liberty of London pillow I made (come back tomorrow for detail shot), a Dresden cross-stitch my mom made me when I was in junior high, and the striped vintage sheet from my childhood, circa 1976. I still sleep with this pillow case every night, much to my husband’s dismay.

Next up is Loretta’s quilt.  Here’s how to tell if a quilt belongs to Loretta– if the Virgin Mary is in it and you are dying to take it home, Loretta made it.  I was honored to get to quilt this one, and how fun it was… until it came time to stitch on Baby Jesus’s Mama.  I just couldn’t stitch across her face.  Is this a Catholic thing, or have the rest of you experienced this, too?

Look at Sara with her Parisville quilt and throw pillows.  I was lucky enough to quilt this quilt, too.  I love Anna Maria Horner fabric.  I was inspired by the clamshell fabric, so I quilted freehand (aka “wonky”) clamshells in this.  It’s a super cuddly quilt.

And now for the winner.

This is actually the back of the quilt.  We know how much modern quilters love negative space, and this quilt goes to show it.  The background fabric is a shot cotton that really needs to be seen in person to appreciate the quilt.  I’m not usually into purple, but this quilt and this fabric is stunning.  It looks like organza.

The underside is lovely, too.  The intended top consists of 4 columns of strips of Kaffe Fassett-ish looking fabrics.  Totally delish.  Well done, Erica.

And in case you’re looking for something fun to do at your retreat, ask one of the local quilt store owners to stop by.  Meet Jessica of Remnants: Fiber [Culture] in Austin.

She brought fabric and patterns and all kinds of bundles of lovelies.  Go buy some fabric from her.  Shipping is free.  She’s worthy of your money, and her shop is where Austin Modern Quilt Guild meets.

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