All the colors in the garden

It’s safe to say that I found the pattern I love most in this world.ImageYes, you have seen this before.  I made this pattern in Joel Dewberry fabric for my grandma.ImageI love this pattern for many reasons.  1.) It’s well written.  In fact, if you have never quilted before, you can use this pattern and have great success!  If you’re a seasoned quilter, it’s great, too.  2.) It features big print fabric, meaning, I could make this quilt about 100 more times and never run out of fabric.  3.) It takes 10 fat quarters and not much else to make this quilt, so I never have to go shopping to finish it!

ImageThis quilt is for some other treasured grandparents.  My husband’s grandparents live across the pond in England, and this is for them.  Grampy is a savvy fashion icon in the family.  He wears loudly colored suits and ties.  When Grandma tells him the colors don’t work well together, he tell her that they do in the garden.  So when I saw these fabrics, Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms, I knew they had to go in a quilt for Grandma and Grampy in Enlgand, since Grampy loves all the colors of the garden, and because Grandma loves Grampy and all his colorful ways.


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4 Responses to All the colors in the garden

  1. Skye says:

    It is beautiful!! They will treasure it!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Danielle, that is a beautiful story quilt for very lovely couple…..they are so cute n stylish!!

  3. Danielle, That is AMAZING!!

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