I found my new hobby.  Making pillows.

It all started with these two Dia de Los Muertos pillows.

This led to the largest hunt for jumbo pom-pom trim ever.  I’ve scoured most nooks and crannies trying to find more for good prices.  No luck– however, I did find some for less than desirable price-points.

And I was so into making these pillows that I needed an excuse to make more, so I planned a holiday pillow exchange for my quilt guild.  So I made this one.

The one I received is from Marilyn.  Marilyn is known for her beading and handwork.  The pillow I received is perfect for our home and for me.  It truly was my favorite pillow there– although I would have gladly left with any of them!

No, I don't normally keep it on the floor. It is just there for staging!

You want to see a little more detail?

I love Marilyn's embellishment and handwork!

Beautiful, right?

And then the neighbor next door had us over for cake to celebrate her birthday.  Did someone say cake?  So I had to make her a pillow, too!

But that wasn’t enough.  Nacho Baby’s teacher sent a card stock gingerbread man cut out to decorate for homework.  So while Ethan was making his beautiful, I traced the template and made the teacher a crazy-patch gingerbread man.  I was going to appliqué it on a school bag for her (because every teacher loves bags and who else has a Christmas school bag??), but then I opted for a pillow at the last minute.

And now I’ve decided the whole world is getting one for Christmas… or until I run out of pillow forms.

Oh, and if you are related to me, act surprised on Christmas Day.

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5 Responses to Pillowpalooza

  1. Tracy95 says:

    I love the pillows, Danielle! You are so creative! I’m sad that I’m not “in the family” because I would love a Christmas pillow. Ha! 🙂 You constantly inspire me to get out there and sew, sew, sew.

  2. Vicki W says:

    They are all fabulous!

  3. Cindy Stoughton says:

    Can I be part of your family? Truly beautiful pillows!! HEY, what about my quilt?

  4. Ellen says:

    Love all the pillows and I’m extremely impressed with your knowledge of fabric chemicals. Now I know where to turn when Oxyclean doesn’t get it…thanks for the tip!

  5. Suzanne says:

    I am thankful I am your mother, I will see you at Christmas!! and I will act surprised….These are all so pretty…..and how lucky to get a Marilyn pillow!!!

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