“Non-interlocking Interlocking Boxes” Quilting Design

I taught my friend Kim how to make a t-shirt quilt.

She totally rocked it, didn’t she?  I knew you’d want to see.  I quilted this using my non-interlocking interlocking boxes pattern.  Yes, you heard me right.  I have one pattern called interlocking boxes, but this one is non-interlocking interlocking boxes.  You know I love silly names, right?

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3 Responses to “Non-interlocking Interlocking Boxes” Quilting Design

  1. Jessi Lane says:

    So cute! Love it Kim. T-shirt quilts are awesome!

  2. I love this. I love all the cottons in there that make the T shirts not nearly so boring! Love love it. I am making a T shirt quilt for my SIL, but I already wish I was doing this instead. I love it!

  3. Clare Kelly says:

    Love it! So I’m a little confused. Is there and actual pattern for this quilt? I have 3 t-shirt/jersey quilts to make and yours is the coolest I’ve ever seen. Thanks for any info you can share!
    Clare (Twinkid Quilts)

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