(soon to be) The Hottest Trend in Quilting Stitches

I’ve heard that quilters always put their signature in their work– maybe it’s a type of flower or something that they sneak into each quilt.  For over a year now, I’ve been trying to find my own voice in longarming so that I can have a signature.

And what about Karen McTavish?  That woman is so awesome that a popular quilting filler design is called “McTavishing.”  Talk about a signature!  One of her books on McTavishing said that she wasn’t the one who named the McTavishing stitch.  How sweet that she’s so humble.

I’m not.

I created a design.  Well, I think I created it.  Actually, I was looking at one of Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush fabrics (the one with the giant magenta flowers), and I saw a design in it.  And there you have it.  That’s how Mc-Nacho-ing (McWilkesing?  McDanielling?) was born.  Thanks, Sara, for using this fabric in your quilt and for helping me pave my way in the quilting world.

They are kind of like Parkinson Flowers.  Just shake as you swirl, and wha-la (voila! for you Frenchies)!

See that fabric, on the right?  That’s the inspiration piece.

You have my permission to use McNacho-ing in your work.

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10 Responses to (soon to be) The Hottest Trend in Quilting Stitches

  1. Cindy stoighton says:

    Why does it have to have Mc anything? Why not A Nachoing pattern or stitch? Just asking?

  2. KellyS says:

    Love it! Pinning it to try someday.

  3. McNachoing. I love the name, it’s perfect…. even though it doesn’t look much like nachos 🙂 It is a pretty little flowery swirly thing though, I’d be happy to have a bit of that in my quilt!

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  8. Michele Clark says:

    Absolutely love the McNachoing, it is much more than ordinary stippling for me but I will try! It reminds me of the quirky roses used on beautiful bridal gowns.

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