Border Patrol

I have a commission that has me stumped– and not just because it’s out of my comfort zone color-wise.  My client wanted mauve and sage green, so I found something I could live with, and then I found a pattern that I liked… but I’m stuck.

I need my clever, border patrol friends.  I need to expand this quilt to something queen size.  What would you do to it? Throw it away and start over?

What do I have left?  10 jellyroll strips (was planning to save for pieced binding, but I can live with something else), a couple yards each of the fabrics on the right and also the background fabric.  Whaddya think?  I’m at a loss and have been staring at this for two weeks.

Cindy S, your opinion would be very appreciated.

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6 Responses to Border Patrol

  1. Cindy Stoughton says:

    I love it! It will be great with the shutters I am going to place in the master. Danielle, you are a great quilter! I wish I had your talent. So whatever you decide will be great. I will save this and show it to Brian. He will love it as well. Do you think it is Gus, the dog proof? He does not have “mistakes” or tear up anything, just thinks he owns the bedroom!

  2. How big is it now? I would be tempted to stick with the size of the smaller rectangles in your blocks and line them up the short way and make a border that goes all around the quilt that way. Then use a narrow border of the background before using your jellyroll binding, Does that make sense? Trying to describe quilting with words is harder than I thought it would be. 🙂 Best of luck!

  3. Suzanne says:

    This is so pretty, dont throw it out!! Cant wait to see it next week!….Mimi

  4. Erica Mitchell says:

    Danielle, the quilt looks great! I’m not sure what your commission calls for, however, a scalloped border in the floral print might really bring out the traditional -ness of the pattern and fabrics you selected. I’m sure you will absolutely come up with something spectacular!

  5. Toni Owens says:

    I am probably the last person to ask but in my opinion you don’t want to use that big print in the border. Can you get your paws on one of the smaller prints? Or that dark brown solid? That’s what I’d go with for the outer big border.

  6. I actually really like the big brown floral for the border. How much border do you need? I think I’d do a medium pink (you know how I feel about pink, it is with great restraint that i said ‘medium’) a small green and then a wide brown floral. If you don’t need that much border, I’d do green then brown and bind with pink. Good luck! (also, I hate adding borders…. too much pressure to make them look like they go with the middle!)

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