You know I’m always making bibs.  It happens.  Babies happen.  And when they happen, they need cute bibs.  It’s the circle of life. Kinda.

So there is bib #1 for the little boy in the group.  I used a hand-dyed yellow for his name banner and some Patrick Lose fabrics for the others.  Don’t get me started on Patrick Lose.  Okay, well, these fabrics have me all mad now, so I am already “started.” Let’s just say that we aren’t speaking right now.  A long time ago, I bought a book buy him.  Cute book, too.  Lots of appliqué and fun stuff.  The problem is that the patterns weren’t full-size.  They were 25%ish.  So Kinko’s would not blow them up on giant paper for me without consent from the publisher.  I wrote to publisher.  Would they grant me permission to print the patterns from my book so that I could use them to make something cute for my first apartment?  No.  Really, they said no.  They wanted me to draw out a one-inch grid on butcher paper or something and then freehand draw the designs.  They were out of their minds.  So that’s why I now refuse to buy anything with Patrick Lose’s name on it, including fabric.  So needless to say, this fabric has been sitting around a while.  And although it is cute as can be, it makes me mad.  Some might say I have unresolved issues.  Just to be clear, I also have unresolved issues with Dillard’s department store and all tow-truck drivers.  Sorry for the tangent.  Back to bibs.

All bibs were from the Best Bib Pattern.  Great pattern because it’s a small bib for new babies (I added the names and rick rack rack– the pattern is just as it appears on Jennifer’s etsy page).  The best part about the bibs, though– I used some of my Liberty of London scraps (no, not my stash) for the first letters of the little girl names.

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6 Responses to Bibapalooza

  1. Karin says:

    Zion is for a girl? My son’s college roommate (male) is named Zion and that’s the first time I’d ever heard that name!

    • Unless I got the order wrong, it’s a girl. I don’t know the babies, so I’m not sure. I’ve never met a Zion, an Austyn (with that spelling), a Trinity, or a Tu. How fun to have a unique name that people will remember!

  2. Skye says:

    Super cute bibs!! And, yes, I thought I recognized those scraps! Of course now I must enquire about Dillard’s…’;-)

  3. anna says:

    How adorable! I hope you’ll make one or two for me when I have a baby. 😉 And I hope it’s a girl.

  4. sarah M says:

    Danielle, do you make bibs with snaps? I don’t handle tying very well with hair that gets tangled in it and it’s a slower process for something I need to be done “in a snap” ha! Let me know and a price with shipping for 3 toddler sized bibs, if you make that size. Thanks so much!!!! Sarah

  5. Kim says:

    So sweet! As always you have done a wonderful job making cute bibs for babies.

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