Blankets for Bastrop

When I first started quilting, I was invited to a quilting bee that met every Wednesday from 6-9 in a quilt shop in Bryan/College Station, Texas.  I was 19 years old.  The other ladies were my mom’s age and older, and my parents were a little stunned.  They just shrugged their shoulders and were grateful that at least one night a week wasn’t devoted to the night life (little did they know that the night life really doesn’t get started until after 9 anyway).

In fact, I just had my 20 year high school reunion, and yet someone again mentioned how, “Of all my friends, I never thought you’d be the one quilting.”

Not really sure how to take that or what it means.

But one thing my parents will tell you is that you can’t put me in a box.  Just when you think you have me figured out, I’ll surprise you.

Like when I was in college, and I told them I was bringing my new friend Peggy home and we were going to spend the weekend shopping.  When I showed up with Peggy, who was older than my mother, and we spent the weekend fabric shopping, they just shrugged, and chalked it off to Danielle being Danielle.

One of my truths is that I’ve always been devoutly social.  And maybe it’s because I started quilting in a group setting, but I’ve always loved quilting for the fellowship that comes with it.  It feeds my soul.

Even though I now primarily quilt alone, I still have friends that sew with me.  At least once a week someone else is gracing my studio and me with her presence.  Last week, it was friends from my guild who all worked together to quilt some small tops for Project Linus in an effort called Blankets for Bastrop on my longarm.  In case you haven’t heard, Texas is in a major drought, which has led to many, many people losing their homes to wildfires.  And it’s right down the street from me.

So Liz, Toni, Carolyn, and Kim B (mostly members from my guild) came over.  We had coffee cake, quiche, and a fruit medley for breakfast, and bbq stuffed potatoes for lunch. (I always love planning the menu for events)  But the best part was that we finished  8 quilts. (most of them were tops from the New Braunfels Project Linus chapter).  They say the best way to feel better is to do something nice for someone else.  The week had been lousy last week– seeing all the devastation and feeling so powerless.  This little token is one little thing that just might make some folks happy, and that does make me feel good.

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4 Responses to Blankets for Bastrop

  1. msminnesota says:

    I think it’s great that you ladies made quilts for Bastrop. Kudos to you!

  2. Candy says:

    That is so sweet. They will appreciate them.

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