Solution to the Big Tangle of Cords

I’ve seen a few bloggers who have shown their sewing room makeovers and have been left with one lingering question– what to do with all those cords.  It’s hard to disguise them, but alas, you can contain them.

My primary sewing table is a conference table from Ikea.  Basically, there is a hole in it that you can use to drop cords down through the center.  (Side bonus:  You buy the top separate from the legs, so you design pretty much the whole thing to fit your needs.  Yay!) I drop my sewing maching cord, my Ott light, my travel iron, and sometimes my fan (You know I live in Texas, right?).

And all these cords land in my little fabric-covered tote from Tuesday Morning.  I think i paid $15 or $20 for this cute little tote.  And then inside the tote is a surge protector with an extension cord on it.  It doesn’t eliminate all cords, but I’d rather just deal with one than four.

All I have to do is plug the extension cord in and I’m ready to sew– without having to kick my cords out of the way.

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1 Response to Solution to the Big Tangle of Cords

  1. Wendy says:

    Very nice!
    I have one suggestion, though…
    If you would cut a hole in the bottom corner, the cord wouldn’t be “in the air” and in the way. OR! if you use clear packing tape to tape the orange cord to the outside of the basket (and maybe even to the floor), that would help keep it out of the way too. =-) If your place is at all like mine, the children and/or dog would be tripping over that cord all day… Not to mention ME! =-)
    (Just tryin’ to spread a little love.)

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