My Baby’s Bunting

I’ve been admiring buntings since the beginning of buntings.  When I pass by used car lots, I automatically look because to me, buntings mean “free hotdogs” or some kind of awesome party.

But I had never made one because I couldn’t commit to one particular kind of event.  I wanted to make a very feminine one with trims and such on it for birthdays, but then I remembered I lived with guys and that I refuse to celebrate any more of my @#$%^&* birthdays.

We are working on a bedroom redecorating project for Nacho Baby.  He wants a baseball-themed room, and baseball makes me think of hotdogs, and hotdogs make me think of bunting.  And then Amy posted a pack of fabric for a bunting for $9 in her etsy shop– already cut! So there you have it, a bunting over his bed in American Jane fabric.

Nacho Baby even made some letters and decorated them in his baseball team’s colors to hang over his bunting.  Sweet boy.

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3 Responses to My Baby’s Bunting

  1. Skye says:

    That is awesome! (& I l-o-v-e his name, that he created!!!)

  2. Shanti Buttram says:

    Love It!!! Can’t wait to see his new bedroom once it is done!! Be sure to post pics. Love You Guys.

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