Who says fabric dreams don’t come true?

Surely you don’t want to hear about the quilt I’m frogging this weekend.  I don’t even want to talk about it, so let’s talk about something pretty.

Like what I bought during July 4th weekend.

Somehow I missed that fabric.com was selling Liberty of London fabric.  And then my friend Kim came over for the 1st annual 4th of July sew-a-thon weekend at my house.  (Party of two.)  We did what we always do.  We were shopping (online shopping because we were practicing good time management).  And then, in my peripheral vision, some words danced around and called to me.  Heck, yes, it said Liberty.

Liberty of London?  Like, the fabric with the little flowers that feels like silk but it’s really cotton?  Liberty, whose second rate sister showed up at Target a couple years ago, but instead of feeling like silk felt like Burlap?  Liberty, that I’ve always admired, but never owned– until I paid $50 for a bowl of tiny scraps?  Liberty that Denyse Schmidt gave me my first taste of (my Liberty piece is in my top left block.  Long, thin, vertical sliver next to hunter green strip)?  Yes, that’s THE ONE.

And it was cheap!  (Well, no, not cheap, but cheaper than I’ve ever seen it.)  Prices were going to go up another $5ish a yard a few days later.  And then I thought about the sale.  If you spent at least $150, you received a 25% discount.  No sales tax.  No shipping.  Girls, I broke into a bonafide sweat.  And I don’t sweat; I glisten (true of all Southern ladies, you know).

So we did what any girls in our situation would do.  We ran down to Olive Garden to put together our action plan.  We had to have some wine and carbs while we sorted this out, for we knew a deal this sweet was just never going to happen again.  We knew hitting our $150 mark was not going to be a problem.  What we didn’t know was how much to buy.

So we bought 26 yards.  Here’s the half that arrived at my house.

Next weekend, I’ll go to Kim’s house to meet the rest of the pieces.

I’m so nervous that I don’t know what to wear.

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3 Responses to Who says fabric dreams don’t come true?

  1. Skye says:

    GORgeous!!! Honey, I know there will be some beauty flying from under your presser foot soon! Cannot wait to see!

  2. Oh. My. Word. Amazing. Seriously. I love it.

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