You haven’t seen me in a while for many reasons.

  • My pantry has received a makeover
  • I’ve been trying to spend evenings with my husband instead of in my lady office 
  • I’ve been grieving about an unfortunate silverware situation that I’m still too upset to talk about, even a month later
  • My sidekick and I shared an ugly stomach virus that you just don’t need to hear about

…and truthfully, I could list a bunch of other stuff, but they are just really excuses.  The real reason I haven’t blogged is because I’ve finally set up my pinterest account.  Holy shitballs–I’m so addicted! (Sorry for the language, but I truly couldn’t think of anything else to say that wasn’t worse.  And “Holy Cow!” didn’t have the emphasis I needed.  Even with extra capital letters and exclamation points.)

One little confession (since my husband doesn’t read my blog)– I was so inspired one night after perusing Pinterest that I waited for my husband to go to sleep, and then I tiptoed to my studio and sewed for a couple hours.  Scandal!

The upside is that I have been a cooking fool because of Pinterest, too.  Here’s one thing Ethan and I made.

Yes, our technique needs a little refining.  Betty Crocker did a much better job.

I also have made this, this, and this.  All since Sunday. I didn’t take pics, though because it was too dark, and I’m working on shooting pics in natural light and not in automatic mode.  

But that isn’t the the end of my recipe experimentation this week.  My friend Debbie and I are part of a Community Sustained Agriculture program where we each get a portion of a local organic farm’s summer harvest (let me know if you want more info), and let me tell you, we have vegetables coming out of our ears.  So we decided to have a throw-down (Bobby Flay style).  So we made a couple other dishes. 

And here are my zucchini boats based on this recipe.  Just in case you want to make it, I added a little bit of ground sausage, cracked red pepper, garlic, and herbs de Provence.  I deleted the curry because curry makes me sad.  Oh, and put your filling in a colander to let some liquid get out of there.  You don’t want water in your boat, kids.

And here are Debbie’s squash patties.

Her squash patties won the throw-down fair and square, but my zucchini boats put up a great fight.  Both recipes are keepers, and for that, we are both winners.  Like I said, we have vegetables coming out of our ears.  Our next throw-down is Friday.  She has staked claim to our zucchini… and I think the eggplant.  So I think that gives me tomatoes, onions, yellow squash, cucumbers, red bell peppers, and who knows what else.  (I don’t have to use them all)  If you have any secret show-stealing recipes, let me know because I’m out for blood next week. (I think this is going to be my secret weapon)

*cue Rocky theme song.

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  1. Look at you being all domestic and stuff! Oh, and I just read your shitballs outloud to a group of bloggy women. We all had a good laugh over that one. So thanks for that!

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