Handwork, take two

One of my crafty problems is that I can never get myself together enough to actually create little travel kits containing handwork projects.  It’s not like I don’t have plenty of the patterns and supplies lying around this place either.  This spring, I meant to get stuff to work on while I lounged in my lawn chair at t-ball practice.  But I didn’t.  And it isn’t like I didn’t have two months to do it.  It was on my “to do” list every. single. weekend.

Then, I meant to put together a little project for my long road trip (732 miles each way).  But I didn’t.  I pretended like I didn’t have room for my sewing project in the car because my husband and son brought their golf clubs, but it was really just because I couldn’t get my act together.  I’m still full of regret with that one because I was dying to create something that week.  So instead I had to read books.  Books!  Who the heck reads books any more? (Just kidding– I read a couple books a week usually, so this is really nothing new.  In fact, right now I’m working my way through a handful of Pulitzer Prize winners, which I’m regretting big time.)  On said trip, we passed a shop, and the sign had the word ‘stitchery’ in it.  Let me tell you how fast I turned my car around, terribly giddy because I would be able to purchase a new project and not spend my whole vacation doing something ridiculous like relaxing on a beach.  Anyway, so I busted a u-ey (sp?), pulled up to get a front row space, and… they had gone out of business.  I must have been too late getting there.

Whatever the case, it’s my own fault, really.  I should plan ahead.  And soon, I am going to.  Maybe this weekend because I just found the perfect inspiration at my LQS.

There are so many projects in this book screaming my name.  Like this pillow that will be perfect for my recently-thrifted chair for my office.

Or like this Union Jack pillow that my SIL needs.

And who doesn’t love beachy-crab things?  And ships?  Like, hello.

You love this, too, right?  I think this will give me a chance to play with my linens and wools, as well.  It’s a double rainbow!

The good news is that if that doesn’t work out, I just received a shipping notification that my crewel/embroidery alphabet sampler has being shipped.  I almost have no excuses now.

Don’t you just love it?  By the time I finish that, I’m hoping my stitches will look somewhat decent.  Did any of you order this kit?  It was a matter of right-place-right-time for me, which is awesome because there were a limited number of kits available… only 1500.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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3 Responses to Handwork, take two

  1. Suzanne says:

    I really like the alphabet sampler and LOVE the crab pillow!

  2. Skye says:

    I saw that a while back & loved it. Then wondered “Why didn’t I get that?!” Clicked on it. Oh yeah. “downloadable PDF flie”. Peesh. Techno-idjit = I’m out. Boo. Lemme know how it goes. *sniffle*

  3. Jessi Lane says:


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