The ol’ life imitating art debate

When we were on vacation, we went to the Navy Air Museum in Pensacola. We saw the Blue Angels flying (in real life!), some cool planes and models of aircraft carriers, and the IMAX movie about fighter pilots.  I was very inspired.

So when I returned from vacation and one of my clients, Vickie, brought me her aviator quilts, I was thrilled to quilt them, and I was instantly in love with them.  In fact, we are in the middle of a bedroom redecorating project for my son, and I was encouraging him to go with an airplane theme instead of baseball so that I could make him this quilt.  It did not work.

Vickie used a pattern from Elizabeth Hartman’s book, and they made kits of them at the shop where Vickie works.  The best part, though, is the backing!  Check it out.

And no one wants the girls to feel left out, so she made a paper doll version, too (of her own design). 

Sorry, but I don’t have a big picture of the little girl paper dolls.

I think these quilts are just precious!

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