Little Brother’s Quilt

Got a little story for you. 

So there was this couple, and they tried for years to have a baby.  No luck.  They went through weight-loss surgery, and then fertility treatments, and still, no luck.  So they sought other options– adoption.  And then they had a failed adoption placement, which crushed them.  A couple months later, they had a successful placement.  When Tyler was just over a week old, they went to the doctor, and New Mama found out she was already three months into a pregnancy.  (She thought her symptoms were stress over the adoption.)  So now, Kim (Baby Mama) and John (Baby Daddy) have two babies, six months apart.  Baby #1 (James) is over a year, and Baby #2 (Tyler) is a little over 6 months… or I could be way off, but you can check Kim’s blog for more info.  Oh, and to throw a wrench in the whole program, John’s company just relocated them to Memphis, far, far away from their families and their church.  I think they’ve only been there a week.  Go say hi because I’m sure she needs a friendly face right now.

I made a quilt for James.  And then when Tyler arrived, it just would not be fair for him to be without a quilt, too.

So here is Tyler’s baby quilt.

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2 Responses to Little Brother’s Quilt

  1. Kim H. says:

    Love it!!! You are so sweet! James is 14 months – and Ty is 8 months… it’s crazy, but fun and frustrating at the same time. 🙂

  2. That is all kinds of amazing and incredible right there! Good luck to you Kim, your boys quilts are beautiful. And now I’m going to go creep around on your blog. I’m sure your boys are beautiful too 🙂

    Nice work Danielle, as always!

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