Plan B

I’m officially in the middle of my Plan B life.  When I thought I might lose my job due to [lack of] state funding for public education, I created a Plan B in case that happened. But then Plan B sounded better than Plan A.  But it doesn’t feel like a Plan B.  It feels like Plan A.  The best part is knowing that I can spend my time how I want.  (Keep in mind that I’m still getting paid as if I have a real job, so I’m not totally in Plan B yet!)

On a more personal note, we just returned from vacation– a week at Orange Beach (Flori-Bama).  If you haven’t gone, it’s a great starter beach.  It’s clean, not crowded, the sand is the perfect texture, and the water has good visibility.  Most importantly, though– it is very affordable. 

One of our new friends

Before living my life of leisure (for a week), I finished quilting Diane M’s beach quilt. 

Nacho Mama, woman of leisure

Any summer vacationing plans for you guys?  Do tell.

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4 Responses to Plan B

  1. Yes, I plan to go to Brazil and spend some quality time on the beach. I hope I won’t get kidnapped and that I’ll find a man who will whisper sweet Portuguese nothings in my ear all day long. Haha That’s the vacation in my head. Otherwise, I’ll be sitting at my desk all summer, working away as usual and spending nights and weekends at the studio teaching like crazy.

  2. Brenda Parks says:

    I have never heard of Orange beach. Good to know. We are currently in Hawaii. It has been amazing. We return on Thurs. So, happy you are living your Plan and happily A and/or B! Gonna call ya when I return. Aloha!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Orange Beach with Nacho Family and trip to France.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I want this quilt!

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