Hang Ten

I think it’s really cool when you have a relationship with someone through work, and then you find out they quilt, and suddenly, it feels like you just got another reason to keep showing up everyday. Wait, you did.   So, my friend like that is Tracie.  We have worked together for three years, but it wasn’t until this year that we started sharing our love of crafting with each other.  Every Monday, on my way in, I stop by Tracie’s office for show & tell.

One of Tracie’s recent projects is particularly cool.  Her younger daughter is a dancer.  Like, the ballet kind.  For the recital, she is presenting the teacher with a quilt of the footprints of each of the girls in the class.  I love it, and not just because it reminds me of Hang Ten (see definition #1.  Definitely not #2).  She has great taste in fabric, and that’s why I love doing her quilting.  She always has eye candy (once again, see defn #1) for my longarm and me.

Because of state funding, many teachers and support staff are losing their positions or getting shifted around in the school district.  In fact, there are sixteen people from our campus who will not be there next year– Tracie and myself included.  When our principal was sending us off during our last faculty meeting of the year, she started Tracie’s farewell with, “This one really hurt.”  She’s right.  Tracie is the kind of person who makes people’s days.  I guess I’ll just have to figure out where she’ll be working and stop by every Monday for show & tell.

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1 Response to Hang Ten

  1. DeDe Baker says:

    What a cute,cute idea. And in classic ballet colors. Too perfect!

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