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Handwork, take two

One of my crafty problems is that I can never get myself together enough to actually create little travel kits containing handwork projects.  It’s not like I don’t have plenty of the patterns and supplies lying around this place either. … Continue reading

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Time Management

I’m still trying to figure out this whole work-at-home-full-time-while-parenting nonsense.  So one thing I’m doing is setting daily sewing goals on Sunday for the work week– paid gigs and fun-just-for-me gigs so that I have a good balance.  This past week, … Continue reading

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Just thought I’d share a peek at some stitching in a recent quilt.  

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The ol’ life imitating art debate

When we were on vacation, we went to the Navy Air Museum in Pensacola. We saw the Blue Angels flying (in real life!), some cool planes and models of aircraft carriers, and the IMAX movie about fighter pilots.  I was very inspired. … Continue reading

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National Pink Day

In honor of National Pink Day, I bring you a baby quilt stitched in pink thread. Now go on over to Pink Suede Shoe to celebrate.  If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even know I was supposed to be … Continue reading

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My husband said he needed some string.  Bet you can’t guess which color of “string” he used.  

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Breanna’s Bed Quilt

The people next door painted their daughter’s room brown and pink in the fall, and then they searched high and low for bedding to go with it.  No luck.  So you know what we did.  We picked out fabric and … Continue reading

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