My stolen idea was stolen

I thought I was clever because I stole an idea from my mom’s quilting circle.  Every time they get together, they bring their 100% cotton sewing “trash.”

And this sewing trash, along with some fabric, gets quickly turned into a pet cushion to be donated to the local animal shelter.  Sweet, eh?  Well, I decided to carry on their tradition since I remember how sad and scared Don Corleone was in his concrete cell at ACS.  There was nothing soft– no towel, no bed, nada.  He just sat shivering in the corner.  So, in El Don’s name, we (Don and me, and my guild girls) are going to donate our sewing trash, just like the girls in Towanda and El Dorado, Kansas, to shelter animals here. 

I tried to get some pics of Don modeling how an animal might lounge on the cushions, but he couldn’t relax.  He looks like a dog who is being held against his will by a six year old.  Oh, he is. 

Another advantage is that I can get rid of some hideous animal fabrics that I purchased years ago.  Want to know who else is doing this?  Well, okay, it looks like they are doing it better!  Check out Anna over at Noodlehead and Lucia over at Lulubloom. As if that’s not enough, my friend Ellen just made a quilt for her dog.  I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but give me a couple more months.

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4 Responses to My stolen idea was stolen

  1. Oh well, just think of it like this. Great minds think alike! Anyway, I thought of making a quilt for my dog because I don’t have any kids and my sister has yet to reproduce (already have a quilt for her unborn children anyway) and so why not make one for Starbuck? You know I bet Starbuck and Don would get along swimmingly. HAHA!

  2. Char says:

    I’ve made 2 for my cats. When I collect more scraps I think I’ll donate also.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Is Don going to OB with a comfy bed or vacation elsewhere with his bed?

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