Cherry Popover

I don’t have my own little girl, so when I feel the need to sew girlie things, I sew for my friend Denise’s daughter.  Denise and I have been friends since kindergarten, grew up on the same street, and have been called each other’s names for our whole lives.  Even now, living in different cities, people (who don’t even know her) still seem to call me Denise.  It’s just weird, isn’t it?  They don’t know that we were in the same Girl Scout troop.  Or that we were both in the dumb class in 5th grade.  Or that her dad drove down the beach and yanked our under-aged selves and our over-aged wine coolers away from that bonfire party and back to their beach house.  And that twenty years later, we would be at that same beach house with our babies (right before Hurricane Ike took it away).  Anyway, I can’t tell anything else from our pasts without totally incriminating myself, but the bottom line is that we were meant to be forever friends. 

So when I saw this FREE dress pattern from Oliver + S (called Popover Sundress), I knew exactly who needed one of these.  You know what makes this even more precious?  There is a doll version, too.  I told my friend Anna about it, and she made the dress for her doll, Julie. 

Denise, the dress is in the mail:-)

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8 Responses to Cherry Popover

  1. A-DORABLE! Cute! Sweet! Precious! OK, how many other adjectives can I come up with? Cute, thanks for sharing.

  2. suzanne mceachern says:

    How darling-she will look precious in that! Love the combo of rick rack and fabrics. Wow, I am still hearing stories………I’m still embarassed over the Maberry broken shower door!

  3. Kim says:

    Isn’t sewing dresses for little girls just too much fun! Guess that explains my lack of quilting progress these last few months.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    That dress is absolutely adorable. I love the plaid you put with it. And isn’t it nice to have a forever friend no matter the distance? The internet makes it easy to keep in touch. Thanks for sharing a fun story and a super cute project.

    xo -E

  5. Denisem says:

    Yea!!!!! I ❤ it!!!!!! That is too precious.

  6. Denisem says:

    BTW, Abbie cried when she outgrew the dress she had that had a matching doll dress. 😉 hint hint

  7. Michele McNally says:

    Don’t worry. Mom blames the door on how dads watch kids, not on your kid. ;0)~

  8. Ellen says:

    Love the dress (lucky little girl!) and I see it in my granddaughter’s wardrobe…her Mom is taking measurements now. It was twenty degrees in Northern Maine last week…do you think the dress will look cute paired up with Uggs and a fleece hoodie?

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