Hill Country Retreat

As I already mentioned, my guild retreated for a three-day weekend, which was glorious.  We stayed at a hotel (one with a fine dining restaurant!), which I highly recommend.  The thing I loved the most is that we were able to tell them what we wanted whereas at a retreat house, they tell you what you get.

We stayed in cabins.  The one my mom and I had was an old church that was moved to the property and converted into a suite.  Thank goodness lightning didn’t strike. 

And there was a spa next door where most of us went for massages.  Talk about being pampered!

We had lunch in the courtyard.

And dinner on the porch.

We played some games (and a couple people won mega-fatquarters).

Because a Ferrari club was having a meeting/luncheon in the ballroom next to us, we were even able to see about 18-20 Ferraris.  Some of us tried to find new [sugar] daddies; however, they were all older with hot, young blondes.  One guy let my mom (the hot, young blonde above) take a picture of her quilt on his car. 

Several of us even brought our moms.  I loved meeting all the moms; it made the experience that much richer. 

I’ll show you what people worked on at the retreat in the next post!

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4 Responses to Hill Country Retreat

  1. Awesome. I’ll just like, show up and stuff next time around, okay? super.

  2. suzanne mceachern says:

    The event coordinator managed to please 20 women, can you believe that! Super pampering had by all!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! That really looks like a fun bunch of ladies having a really great time. Thanks for sharing.

    xo -E

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