Elida’s Legacy

Annie and Olga, two sisters in San Antonio, recently contacted me.  Their mom, Elida Cantu, had passed away two weeks prior, and when going through their mom’s things, they stumbled across three quilt tops and wanted to have them finished, an heirloom for each of them and for one of Mrs. Cantu’s granddaughters.

The quilts are truly stories of their family histories.  There were pieces of communion dresses, remnants of home sewing projects, and pieces of their mom’s aprons in these quilts.  There was taffeta, double-knit polyester, and an assortment of cottons.  I was truly amazed that Mrs. Cantu was able to take a fabrics, which clearly were leftovers from other sewing projects, and make them into artful quilts. 

I think we all have nightmares about the things our children will do with our things when we pass on.  I suspect Nacho Baby will give my Liberty scraps to the animal shelter for rodent cages.  Nacho Daddy will give my machines away to the first person who will haul them off.  My thread will be tossed in the rubbish because after all, it’s just thread, right?  Now that I think about it, I’m thinking my people might need to subscribe to my feed so that they can see how much I loved these things.  And if I loved these things, then someone else will, too, right?  Like I’ve always said (since Tuesday), it’s good to know what you love

Really, though, you know we (quilters) are supposed to have one of our quilting pals in charge of distributing our sewing things (after we are not here to use them) to the people we want to have them.  Rumor has it that it would be overwhelming for the layperson. 

Do you have that person in your life?  Right now, that person is my mom.  Who is your person, or do you even have one?

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6 Responses to Elida’s Legacy

  1. Skye says:

    Believe it or not, that person is me!! I’ve let my family know where “the notebook” resides. In it it says these books go to so & so, the tub of 1800’s repros to so & so. With specifications for the non-quilter, like “1800’s repro tub (the clear one with blue lid, bottom left of quilt closet…)
    It was te consuming to create, nut easy on those left behind. :-$

  2. Anna says:

    You can will your machine and Liberty scraps to me but we might go at the same time so who knows.

  3. suzanne says:

    All I can say is DANIELLE WILL BE BUSY when she steps into the house and sewing rooms(s)……………..her back up is Mimi Hayes!

  4. DeDe says:

    Hope you know you’re mine!

  5. My mom’s will actually says that all sewing and fabric related everything is coming to me. Also all her books and every scrap of paper in her house, because I am the only one of her children with the patience to sort through it all and separate the treasures from the trash. My mom has all her mom’s sewing things too, piles of treasure in her basement! My next door neighbor, an 80 year old widow sewed every single piece of fabric into quilts and finished a few years ago. She’s 80, has sewn her ENTIRE life, and everytime she wants to make something she has to go buy fabric new. It’s incredible!

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