Intervention Needed

Did you know I have a bit of a thread addiction problem?  Then again, there are worse addictions.  Like cheesecake.  Or ice cream. So maybe I should be okay with my little thread situation since it’s not making a bad situation worse (i.e. the size of my butt).

Anyway, on with the show.  Here is one of my latest purchases.

These little beauties, called Oliver Twists, can go in your machine, and they are hand-dyed. *Squeal*  I used the green spool to machine quilt a needle book, and it looks just divine.  Don’t worry, I’ll show that to you soon.

And I’m having quite a romance with Superior Threads.  Here’s my favorite King Tut spool called Ramses. *Drool*

I use the King Tut spools on my longarm, and I use the Oliver Twists on my Bernina. (Speaking of Bernina, I have an announcement for tomorrow, so stay tuned.)

And I REALLY love that they have this handy dandy chart reminding me of what thread to put in my bobbin and what size needle to use (for my longarm).  They are smart over there at Superior!  For your domestic machine, here’s a chart for you from Mother Superior.

I’ve recently also bought some Lava and So Fine Superior Threads. (No, I’m not getting kickbacks from them… but Mother Superior, if you’re listening, I want to be president of your fan club.)

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4 Responses to Intervention Needed

  1. Anna says:

    Yes, thread is better than cheesecake, in some worlds. I’m having lots of problems with the thread breaking on my Janome mid-ish arm machine on the frame. I’ve tried switching to Star thread, maybe I need to try superior next.

  2. DeDe says:

    Ummmmm! Those look good enough to eat!

  3. Kelly says:

    I think Abigail drank the same kool-aid as she also loves to pick up the pretty colors of thread; she lines them up and claps.

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