SA Mod Quilters Sew & Tell

I thought I’d show you some quilts from SA Mod Quilters, our branch of the Modern Quilt Guild here in San Antonio.  This pics were taken at the last guild meeting, on March 3.  These are not all the quilts that were shown because I didn’t realize I was going to post these pictures.  If I had realized it, I would have made sure I had good pics of everyone and their quilts before I left the meeting.  I love Sew & Tell– always such great color inspiration for me.

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2 Responses to SA Mod Quilters Sew & Tell

  1. I wrote descriptions of each photo, but they weren’t printed. Darn you, wordpress! Come back later for more info on each picture. (or if you are featured, leave a comment telling us about your project)

  2. Anna says:

    Mine was a color wheel I made sort of on the fly. But why am I always making a funny face in the pictures you take of me Danille? 😉 Guess if I’d known you were going to share it with the world on wordpress I would have smiled!


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