Dear Loyal Nacho Readers

Thank you for always commenting, even when I don’t respond:-(

I’ve been terrible lately about blogging, responding to comments, and all that jazz.  I am back in business, though.  Indulge me in a little rant, if you will, and then I’ll get back on topic.  What is it with Little League?  We have TWO practices this week and TWO games.  Yes, four separate days.  My child needs his own personal assistant, or a father who doesn’t work so much.  Anyway, with a sick dog, 28 computer viruses (probably caught from Don Corleone), and t-ball, I’m just not keeping up with it all.  I think this is going to be my life until May 31 unless I can find a way to blog remotely. .. and I am working on that! Okay, thanks.  Now back to our regular scheduled program.

Mkay, so have you joined a guild yet?  You should.  I’ve mentioned a couple times about my guild here– SA Mod Quilters.  Let me tell you– I love our guild.  We are building something that’s gaining momentum and really becoming a cool group.  We have had to get through some hiccups, like writing bylaws and learning what works for us, but I finally think we are getting there.  My advice to you when starting your group– do lots of fun, social things– not just meetings.

Saturday, March 12, we participated in an event in San Antonio called Luminaria, which drew a crowd of 300,000 people.  Yeah, 300,000.  It is a night-time art festival/extravaganza that is held once a year, and it is spectacular.  (Okay, so just read about it on that link.  Yes, it mentions me and calls me an artist. heheheh.  Yes, an artist.)

Luminaria Sidewalk Pressure-Washing Advertising Campaign

My guild assisted Art Quilter Laurie Brainerd.  She was asked to do a performance piece on fiber art.  When she was at one of our guild meetings as a visitor, she watched us, as the members showed up, place their block of the month on the design wall.  The blocks were all different sizes of crazy geese in one colorway.  Sort of.  Anyway, as each person showed up, she (each member, not Laurie) played with the design and moved blocks around kind of seeing where this was going.  That’s when Laurie was inspired to do some kind of performance on how modern quilt groups work.  She called it Quilt Be Mod (check out her link above for her explanation of it all).  We were OUTSIDE quilting in a circle, facing outward. At night.  Sitting in a fountain.

(Here are pics from a dress rehearsal)

One person was cutting up garmets

Loretta slicin' and dicin'

Who passed the pieces to someone who was sewing them together

Allison getting her bobbin wound

Who passed them to someone at the design wall

Kim at the design wall

who passed the pieces to the next person sewing

Judy on the Janome

Who passed them to the sandwich maker

Anna making quilt sandwiches

Who passed it to the free-motion quilter

Danielle, driving as fast as I could

Who then passed it to the station beside me, the cutter, who chopped up the quilted pieces and we did it again (and again, and again, etc.).  It was all about process.  To see pictures of the event at night (not just the dress rehearsal!), read Laurie’s other Luminaria post.

And guess what we’re doing with the leftover pieces that Laurie isn’t using?  Leslie is turning them into quilts for Japan. 

The coolest thing, though, was that people saw me/us as artists.  I still can’t get over it.  I have never quilted for a standing-room-only crowd or had so many people care about what I was doing.  It was liberating and empowering.  Even though I’m not sure what I’m doing is art.  Yet.

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7 Responses to Dear Loyal Nacho Readers

  1. Brandi says:

    You’re an artist. And a badass. I curl up in a piece of your art every night and smooth it out perfectly each morning. And every.single.time. I am reminded of your tremendous talent.

  2. Skye says:

    Rock ON, girlfriend(s)!!! What an awesome experience!! Congratulations to all!
    And, re: the rant: yes, you are officially in “The Taxi Years”! That’s why, as a single parent (lo, those many moons ago), I told Bryan after 2 soccer seasons that we had to make a new plan! /:-P

  3. suzanne says:

    What an experience……….Mimi agrees with Brandi……you are a badass.

  4. Jackie says:

    This looks like so much fun! I wish I could have been part of it. Thank you for sharing it and don’t ever doubt you are an artist!!!! Someone called me that today and it felt good.

  5. Cindy stoighton says:

    Hey Danielle,
    Now have the cash to get the quilt I want and have one for texas nurse practitioners foudation. So 2 quilts and alot of money to by fabric. Give me a call!

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  7. Elizabeth says:

    Of course it is art! It is incredible!

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