Million Man (Quilt) March

I know I’ve been saying for the past four quilts that I’m so done with man quilts.  Well, here’s the last one.  Really!!

I made this for my dad.  His birthday was in January, but you knew I’d be late, didn’t you? 

These fabrics have been with me a long time!  they have been waiting to be placed in a quilt for over ten years.  Maybe even about 14, but who is counting?  The map fabric just makes me think about my dad.  He’s retired from working as a chief engineer on a cargo ship, and there aren’t many places he hasn’t been.  As for the solids, they are from my highly coveted stash of Cherrywood hand-dyed fabrics.  I have had them forever, but I’ve never used them.  Never. Ever.  I’ve been afraid to cut into them.  I used to buy a new bundle every year at Quilt Festival, so I acquired quite a few pieces… but this project seemed worth it. 

And my dad?  Of course he’s worth it.  My dad is the person in my family who knows me best.  He supports all my endeavors, creative and otherwise.  He’s the one who makes me feel like I’m a success by saying things like, “Danielle, the best money I ever spent was educating you.”  Wow.  What kind of parent says things like that?  But my parents– they didn’t mind that I spent five years in college and took all kind of classes (some toward my degree and some for fun), thus leading to me graduating with 186 undergraduate hours… about 50-60 more than I needed.

Even when I called him my second year of teaching and said, “Daddy, I can’t do this any more.  I hate teaching.”  What did he do?  He told me to come home and work on my master’s, which was just what I needed right then.  A time for me to redefine who I was and where I was going at that very dark time, even though it ended up leading back to the classroom (where I ended up being happy ever since).

And when I fell in love and got engaged after just a few short months of dating Seth (Nacho Daddy)?  What did my dad say?  He said he had never seen me happier and opened up a bottle of champagne.

That’s the kind of dad I wish every girl had.  The kind of dad that never doubted her, even when she doubted herself.  The kind of dad that she doesn’t have to censor her real self in front of.  The kind of dad who lets his daughter do it her way. 

What’s your favorite thing about your dad– the thing that makes you glad he was yours?

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7 Responses to Million Man (Quilt) March

  1. suzanne says:

    Beautiful words about a very sincere and loving father- a very nice tribute to your daddy!

  2. Lee says:

    What a sweet post about your dad. You’re right, that’s the kind of dad every girl should have! I hope my husband will be that for my girls!

    • Lee, I am so terribly late in responding, but my week at my day job is kicking my butt. Remind me why I am still there, please! Oh, yes, I love the kids, I love the kids… (let’s try affirmations).

      I am indeed lucky that my dad is so special. Being a teacher and seeing my kids come from such an array of familes, I know how fortunate I am to have such a great dad and a great husband who is also a great father. I do wonder how my husband would be if he had a daughter…

  3. Jackie says:

    I literally have tears in my eyes right now Danielle. That is so wonderful that your dad was/is like that with you. How special that relationship is.

    My dad loved me, but he never truly understood me. He’s been gone 4 years now.

  4. Candy says:

    That is nice but one of the best things about your dad is his sense of humor. I think you got that from him.

  5. suzanne says:

    I share my father with 2 other sisters and we all probably have a different perspectice of daddy, but what I liked about my daddy was that he was fun, sweet and loving! When I was little and time to go to bed, I would say, “will you carry me to bed like a sack of sugar?” He would always laugh, pick me up, throw me over his shoulder, laughingly carry me to bed, dump me on the bed, I would giggle, get a kiss and go to sleep. We did this for years! When I got older and decided to “test” him or push his buttons, all he had to do was say “now, Suz” and that would be the end of my middle child nonsense! Love my daddy!

  6. Ellen says:

    My Dad…Had a 6th grade education but was the smartest man in the world to me…Served in WWII and received a field promotion but never talked about it…Appreciated music ranging from classical to Willie…Convinced me as a youngster to get up early so I could “see dawn”…Wore the same Sansabelt pants until threadbare but fishing gear and golf clubs were top notch…Managed to maintain his sanity while teaching me to drive a stick shift VW beetle…Exhibited amazing patience when I wrecked said VW in a parking lot mishap…Showed amazing strength in his last years…Was loved and admired by his grandkids – just ask Newton.

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