Improv T-shirt Quilt

It’s time for the big reveal– the first quilt of 2011.  I made this for my step-brother Ryan’s college graduation gift.  This was promised last May, and I guess you could say I’m running a little behind, which should be no surprise. (Truth be told, it took a while for him to gather the shirts and get them to me.  Once I had the shirts, it took time editing them and then collecting sashing fabrics.)

I started with over 50 t-shirts and a bolt of interfacing… thank goodness my stepbrother hoards clothes!  I highly recommend that if you ever make a t-shirt quilt, you make one for someone with 5o shirts, too… because then you can go with whatever color scheme you want.

I was very apprehensive about making this.  I even offered him money instead, but he chose the quilt, and now, I’m so glad he did.  This was easy and fun!  Can you tell that everything I’ve been working on this year has been inspired by my experience at the Denyse Schmidt workshop?

For the quilting design, I just quilted interlocking squares and rectangles.

Have you tried making a t-shirt quilt?  Is it just me, or are they popping up everywhere (in real life, not so much on the internet)?

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10 Responses to Improv T-shirt Quilt

  1. Jackie says:

    Oh Danielle, I LOVE it! You did an amazing job and I just know he’s gonna love it. T-shirt quilts are fun to do. I’ve done a few of them and I alway think ‘this isn’t gonna work’ or ‘it’s not gonna look right’, but in the end it always comes together and looks great!

  2. Skye says:

    I love it! It looks big, too!! I have (buried in my closet somewhere) a box of T-shirts to make a T-shirt quilt with…”on the list”, but you have definitely inspired me!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi. I’m a friend of <a href"Pink’s. We met while she was trying out different layouts for the memory quilts she was making out of her FIL’s clothes.

    So! I just love, love, love your t-shirt quilt! You did a really amazing job. I love the colors and the layout — everything about it.

    I started a t-shirt quilt for my husband a week before his birthday (which happens to be two days before Christmas). It was not in the cards to get it done in time. I had it about half-way put together when we decided to do a little something different with it, which required a huge amount of unpicking. I had to set it aside for a bit so that I could mentally prepare for that hurdle. It’s been a month since they, but I’ve started with the unpicking process and hope to get it done in the next couple of weeks.

    Again, I really love the quilt that you did for your brother. Amazing job!

    xo -El

  4. Elizabeth says:

    P.S. I made tacos for dinner last Monday and I thought of you.

    xo -El

  5. suzanne mceachern says:

    Nice……….Ryan will love it!

  6. Julie Tiu says:

    Great job… like the colors a lot! I feel like I’ve been making my t-shirt quilt forever!

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  8. I made myself a t-shirt quilt several years ago. I did not know to use interfacing, but it still turned out nice. I didn’t do sashing, but I did add 2 inch squares of tshirt material in various places of the quilt. Now I am working on one for my sister. Again, no sashing. This will be interesting though. It is a front-and-back quilt. The fronts of the shirts will be on the front of the quilt and the backs will be in the corresponding locations on the back of the quilt. And now I know to use interfacing. For me, the most tedious part of a tshirt quilt is determining the size of the design on each shirt, planning the layout of the quilt, and then cutting out the shirts with the designs centered in the block. I made some templates out of cardstock to make the centering easier and it helped a whole lot! I made the templates in Feb 2010 and I cut out the shirts a few weeks ago. Oops.

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  10. M.B. says:

    The quilt is amazing and exactly the type of layout I want for the t-shirt quilt I plan to make. Would you be able to share any pattern or design details? I would truly appreciate any insight! Thank you!

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