Plumberry Goodness

We’ve all been working on growing our solid stashed, right?  I know I have with my recent shot cotton acquisitions and my Moda crossweaves.  Well, I stumbled upon a swap that Anne Marie hosted called Kona Your World.  I sent in 3 yards of Kona in one color, and I received 12 fat quarters in an array of colors in return.  Sounds good to meAnd here’s my favorite, called Plumberry.  Thanks, Crafty Quilter!

I’m loving this color like crazy right now.  Here’s the purse I just bought for my birthday-from-hell.

Gosh, and I was calling it raspberry.  Now I know.

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3 Responses to Plumberry Goodness

  1. kim says:

    How could it be a birthday from hell when you bought a great purse (with the birthday discount)….and there was cobbler involved! It sounds like my perfect day.

  2. suzanne mceachern says:

    Agreed Kim, I thought it was a perfect day…….you got a cute bracelet too! and lunch with 3 fabulous gals!

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