Jellyroll Issues

My name is Nacho Mama Danielle, and I am addicted to jellyrolls.  The actual problem is that I don’t want to unroll them or use them.  Nope, just buy them.  I had a mystery class to attend, and we were supposed to bring a jellyroll and a background fabric.  Did I do it?  Did I cut into one of my many jellyrolls?  Heck, no!  I made my own jellyroll with some Civil War-ish types of fabrics.  I made my own scrappy background, too, because I just couldn’t see this quilt happening any other way.

The truth is, I don’t like to use jellyrolls– is it because they are so beautiful, all stacked up real pretty in my stash, or is it because I just don’t know what to do with them?  Anyway, why don’t I feel this way about layer cakes?  I can hardly stash layer cakes because I just keep using them and using them… well, maybe I do have a couple waiting to be turned into giant half square triangles.

Anyway, back to this Civil War-inspired, non-jellyroll, man quilt.  It was one of the quilts Judy ordered for her brood.  This went to her oldest grandson, who is ten years old.  Appearances can be deceiving, though.  He may look ten, but you swear you’re talking to your dad when talk to him.  So, this serious quilt is for a real serious man-child, and I hope he loves it, especially when it’s this darn cold.  I had to put on a jacket, y’all.  It’s freezing here.  Not cold enough to wear snow shoes or anything, but still, it’s, like, 43 degrees.

Speaking of jackets, every time my son and I walk outside to get in the car, or get out of the car and go into the donut shop doctor’s office or some where, Nacho Son says “Aren’t you glad you aren’t on a Scooter?”  Thanks, Ethan.

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6 Responses to Jellyroll Issues

  1. heidikins says:

    Thanks for the linky love! This quilt is beautiful!


  2. I REALLY like this quilt. A lot. The quilting on it is awesome! I love that it’s not your standard stipple, but not a straight line either. Does this mean I’ll ever cut into my jelly rolls? Nope. I’m with you. They are eye candy.

  3. Skye Daniels says:

    That quilt is great! I am sure the man-child will love it. In a very gleeful, yet reserved way. `;-)
    And I know what you mean @ jellyrolls. I have a few that are still there, looking gorj-wah (gorgeous) in my stash closet. I try to avert my eyes & go la-la-la-LA as I walk quickly by a table of them at a shop. They’re like Fritos: if I let myself start I will not stop. Ever.

  4. DeDe says:

    Love this quilt. You did a fantastic job putting your jelly roll together. Definitely not run of the mill! ( maybe because those are my colors instead of all the 70’s style prints and colors.) I’d love to see it completely laid out so I can see the entire pattern. I like the quilting too. This might be one I can actually attempt next time I do my own quilting.

  5. Wendy says:

    Danielle, speaking of Layer Cakes, have you seen the YouTube about making HSTs (I think!) from Layer Cakes? It’s really cool! We should have thought of this waaay sooner!
    I think it’s from Missouri Star Quilt Company? Sorry i don’t have the link for you, but here’s what you do:

    Put 2 layer cake squares (or charm squares) right-sides-together.
    Sew them together with a 1/4 inch “seam”, right around the outside edge of the square.
    Take it to your cutting mat and put your ruler across it on the diagonal (like top right to bottom left) and cut straight through, corner to corner.
    Do it again the other way (top left to bottom right), and you have four excellent, perfect HSTs!

    Hopefully i explained that right. Hopefully i used the correct terminology! Hopefully you don’t need pictures. If you do, let me know & i’ll go search YouTube for you and send you the link like a proper friend would!

  6. suzanne McEachern says:

    Bless Ethan’s heart!! I just finished a layer cake quilt top ans started a jelly roll quilt too, as I’m like nachomama……..did it at retreat this weekend. Both will be bordered in pink chenille. I just needed I pinky soft girlie quilt for Mimi! Miss Webmaster, can we post pics with a comment?

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