Judy’s Figgy Pudding

You’ve heard how much I love Figgy Pudding, right?  I thought you’d like to see this quilt finished.  I gifted it to a cherished friend, Judy.   Judy and I have been friends since before I even thought about being born…or somewhere around then.

Last March, Judy decided to commission some quilts.  Ten quilts.  Yes, ten.    By Christmas.  So I started scurrying!  She ordered them for her children and grandchildren, one for each, but not one for herself.  No one should be without a quilt, especially someone committed to making sure her family was warm and cozy in quilts of their own, so I needed to make her one, too.  There’s nothing better than giving someone a handmade quilt who you know will love it.

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6 Responses to Judy’s Figgy Pudding

  1. Anna says:

    That is so sweet of you! That quilt is awesome too. GReat job.


  2. Skye Daniels says:

    ABsolutely!!! SO glad you made one for her too! I love the colors!!
    Yaaaaaaaaaaay for both of you!!

  3. suzanne mceachern says:

    You are such a sweetheart-the quilting is so neat!!

  4. Judy Fowler says:

    I loved Figgy Pudding when you first posted the fabric some time ago and was very surprised that it turned out to be mine.I love it! My best Christmas gift (sorry Brandi – I do love the string and pink salt too). Each day as I make beds I stare – amazed – at your beautiful work. I have a new favorite daily! I must say I wasn’t sure the males would be impressed with their gift but they all are. The little ones search theirs out each night “cause they feel good.” They are most special because they were made by a special girl I have know since she was 4 or 5 MONTHS old. Hugs to you.

  5. Jessi says:

    Here are some things I am thinking…

    1. I totally want to make that bag
    2. I totally need to write my 11 in 11 list
    3. This is the pattern I want – http://dontlooknow.bigcartel.com/product/lilly-pilly
    4. Actually – all of her patterns
    5. I didn’t sew at all after you left
    6. I want the sweet sixteen quilt machine ( it would fit somewhere)
    7. I want a retreat where I sleep away from home!

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