Black Friday Flannel

I’m not one of those crazy Black Friday girls.  I love to sleep, just like Nacho Mimi (my mom), and nothing shy of Whataburger is getting my rear end out of bed during the night (or her rear end either, for that matter).

But you know, at about noon on Black Friday, I was headed somewhere and needed a specific color of thread.  Would you believe I went in JoAnn’s on Black Friday?  Yep, and the flannel was $1.29 a yard.  So I left with this stack.  It was crowded and there were 20ish people in front of me in the cutting line (but the great thing is that there were about 10 cutters, and you take a number & wait for your number to be called.  awesome.), so this was all I could get…

After I got this all cut, I found out there was an entire aisle of flannel, not just the end cap I saw.  Sadly, I was not getting back in line.  Nacho Daddy, Nacho Baby, and Nacho Inlaws were patiently waiting on me at Golf Galaxy while I “just ran in for a spool of thread.”  Suckers.  So anyway, here’s my loot.  I don’t even use flannel, really, but my Grandma has requested a flannel quilt, and who am I to say no to her!

Random Disclaimer:  The above fabrics will not all be used in one quilt.  Ick, no!!!

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2 Responses to Black Friday Flannel

  1. Char says:

    Wow, I thought I did some damage on Cyber Monday. You didn’t do so bad either.
    I use that, “all I need is one thing” too. My husband falls for it every time!

  2. suzanne mceachern says:

    I love the browns, and especially the paisley-Nachomimi!

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