SA Mod Quilt Blocks

I’ve been having so much fun with my local branch of the Modern Quilt Guild, SA Mod Quilters.  We meet twice a month, once for a meeting-type-of-meeting, and once for a monthly sewing day.

One of the things we do is Block of the Month, which I love.  You can make as many blocks as you want to get your name in the pot as many times as you can, and if your name is chosen, then you win all the blocks.  I still haven’t won, but I’m holding out hope for next time.

I never took pics of the blocks from the first couple of months, but here are the most recent ones.  You know, I’m thinking this last one might work for a starting point for a Boomer Sooner quilt… just take that mod fabric out and stick in my OU fabric, and there ya go.  I must go explore this.  Ha!  Not yet!  If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m up to my elbows finishing up commissions.  Yeah, so much for that Thanksgiving deadline I imposed on myself.  (This is the real reason behind the sporadic blogging.  Oh, and because I can’t find my camera charger.)

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2 Responses to SA Mod Quilt Blocks

  1. lisa says:

    Looks great- sounds like a good idea on the OU stuff!

  2. Jessi says:

    I can’t find my camera!

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