Merry Christmas to me!


Denyse Schmidt quilt

Thanks, Ashley, for telling us about the Denyse Schmidt quilts being on sale for CHEAP!!  Yes, I bought this queen for $80.  I was going to buy one for you, too, but I couldn’t figure out which one you would want.

The funny thing is that I was talking to my friend Anna & told her about the quilt.  She asked me why I bought it (it’s not like I don’t quilt or anything, right?), and that got me to thinking…Why did I buy it?  Guys, the truth is, I love Denyse, and this little quilt reminds me of her and what a great year it’s been– getting to take a workshop from her for goodness sake must be the best part.  Okay, also, my husband told me to buy it.  I guess he knows that I’d be talking about how I missed the one chance to get a Denyse Schmidt quilt for less than $100.  Kind of like how I skipped out on a Nancy Crow workshop that was only $30 (!!!) about fifteen years ago.  Yes, I love this quilt.  Here’s a taste of it in one of our bedrooms.  I have yet to put sheets on the bed or finish sewing the pillow, but here it is on the bed any how:-)

Disclaimer:  I have no idea where my charger is for my fancy camera, so until it turns up, I’ll be taking yellow pictures that are blurry.

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