My Everest

I found my Everest.  I’ve decided I should never make a king-size quilt again.  They’re big.  They’re heavy.  They take forever to feather.  I just want this quilt off the frame, and I’m finally getting some where.

On every quilt, I get giddy when the batting is off the floor.  Literally.  I see it as a sign I’m almost done. Even if the quilt starts off off the floor.

Yes, my flashlight is under the table.  I keep it there to look at the stitches on the back of the quilts.  I’d hate to not look and then have to frog the whole darn thing.

I’ve been so busy longarming, that I have done nothing else.  Look how clean my table is.

My cutting table is also pretty pristine.

What I really wish I could do is just make a big mess by pulling a bunch of fabrics and channel Elizabeth Hartman.  I LOVE her new book.  If you buy no other book, buy this one.

(DeDe, for real, check this book out.  There are twelve projects, but the thing you’ll like the most is how she explains all the general quilting basics.)

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2 Responses to My Everest

  1. suzanne mceachern says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

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