Improvisational Patchwork, part two

The last half of the workshop was dedicated to us adding a variable to our improv work.  We could use our 1/4 yard as much or as little as we wanted.  We had 26 minutes to make each of the next 4 blocks.

Here we are with my blocks.  I chose one of my brown Moda wovens for my extra 1/4 yard of fabric.

Here’s Brenda and her blocks.  She chose a brown also.

Anna‘s blocks , using a pink solid, are above Denyse, and I think those are Francine‘s blocks above Brenda. Francine used a Kaffe Fasset print.

Here are Kim’s blocks. She used a blue woven.

We were unanimously excited to spend a day with Denyse and learn from such a talented artist.  This process is something I have been exploring since the day of the workshop.  Unfortunately, my scraps are all pink, so the blocks I created at home are less interesting than the ones made here.

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2 Responses to Improvisational Patchwork, part two

  1. DeDe says:

    Tell Kim she looks GREAT! You look good too, a real sight for sore eyes. But you know what I mean……. Kim’s smile is stunning!

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