Bee Blocks

I’ve been behind on my bee blocks.  Does this happen to you?  I could kick myself, but two people in a row chose something that I knew just had to be appliqued.. which is not my strong suit.  I love handwork, but my work does leave a lot to be desired.

Here’s one of the blocks.  The quilter requested hearts and provided the fabric.  I added the overdyed wool from my stash.  BTW, I don’t even know why I own a stash of wool.

… and here’s my owl.  This quilter asked for pink birds.

This bird pattern was a recent purchase off ebay, and I should be kicked for it.  I bought it, and ended up getting two pages torn out of a magazine.  Crappy, right?  Well, when I went to leave feedback, I actually read the description, something I should have done prior to bidding on this, and saw that this was from the current issue of Quilter’s World magazine.  No joke.  So I learned a valuable lesson– to quit getting carried away with my clicks.

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4 Responses to Bee Blocks

  1. suzanne mceachern says:

    that is a very stern looking owl!

  2. lisa says:

    I think the owl just graduated- he just needs a tassel hanging from his cap- he is smart looking for sure… good job Danielle…he is nice looking

  3. suzanne mceachern says:

    /Yes Lisa, as a matter of fact him and Danielle looked alike last December!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I’m SO sorry about the pattern. That is a huge amount of lameness on the seller’s part. To make up for it, here is a free owl pattern (not by me) and a sample of some owls done in it (scroll down). I know it is totally after the fact, but hopefully it will help even things out in your karmic book and next time you need to appliqué an owl, you can also make him a friend too.

    xo -El

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