Plaid frenzy

I’ve been looking at this assortment of woven plaid (and my new solids) for four days, but nothing is coming to mind.  You see, I’m almost caught up on quilts, and I need a plan.  After all, it is football season, which is prime quilting season.

Judging by the ridiculously large pile of maroon plaid, maybe those should go be an Aggie quilt somewhere… but then again, the fabrics just aren’t cute, and I don’t know what I could do to make them cute.  Ideas?  No denim.  Maybe khaki?  Still doesn’t feel “cute.”

Or maybe I should do something with these flannels.  You can see I was originally thinking churn dash. 

Does anything catch your eye?

Oh, and how ’bout some news.  Guess who’s going to take a Denyse Schmidt class November 1?  You guessed it– moi!

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5 Responses to Plaid frenzy

  1. I love this block that Amy made with plaids. It just looks like fall to me!

  2. suzanne mceachern says:

    Maroon plaid could double as an OU quilt too

  3. Jessi says:

    I think they are soooo cute! How fun will the class be??? I am hoping to take the bus trip.

  4. Skye Daniels says:

    I say make your own pattern: churn dash, house block, 9 patch & 9 patch-star block…Plaids rock!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I really love those maroons. They are cute.

    I’ve been browsing through your blog (pink suede shoes introduced us, remember?) Love your work.

    xo -El

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