New goodies

Check out my latest score.

 These are some new Moda wovens one of my LQS’s just received and bundled.  As you can see, I just couldn’t help myself.  I’m hoping I can use them to breathe life into some of my old plaids & they will help me create something that isn’t too drab.  I’m really pretty smitten with them.  I’ve been petting them all day and just might be inspired enough to write a series of haiku in their honor.  I need more.

I also picked up these little cuties.

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5 Responses to New goodies

  1. Skye Daniels says:

    Oooh! The fabrics are utter eye-candy!! Delicious!! And those little lacy trims are pretty awesome too! Any plans for them???

  2. suzanne mceachern says:

    Love April Cornell!……..pretty, pretty!

  3. Wow. I loved those solids, but the trims? Hello gorgeous! Love them.

  4. YUMMMY! Those trims are to die for!

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