Something’s missing

Notice anything weird in this picture?  Yep, I HAVE NO MACHINE.  It’s killing me, I tell you.  I’ve been without my machine for 2 1/2 weeks because it’s in the shop.  It was cute at first because I was able to catch up on some piecing, but now it’s downright awful. 

I’m hoping that I didn’t make a bad choice going with Handiquilter.  When the machine works, it works so well, but this is the second time it’s been in the shop since I’ve had it… and I’ve only had it since December.  So, in 9 months of owning the machine, I’ve been without it 6 weeks.  Not cool.  Last time, Handiquilter said they had never seen a problem like what I had, so they replaced the machine with a new one.  I have no idea what’s wrong with it now, but I know they had to send the little computer in it to Utah for an update.  Huh?  Anyway, I’m hoping this girl will run like a trooper when she gets back.  Christmas is a-comin’, y’all.

Folks, if I have your quilts, please be patient with me.  I’ll get to it them soon as I am able.  Promise!  Also, if you need something by Christmas, you might want to let me know, by mid-October so that I can leave room for you in my calendar.  I’m booking up quickly.

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1 Response to Something’s missing

  1. Jessi says:

    I missed Modern Quilting today 😦 We had a birthday party…speaking of which – Ezra is having a 7th birthday party on Saturday. It is a pool party and we would love to have your family. It is a t noon and we are going BBQ hot dogs. I am a simple birthday party kinda mom – so it is nothing fancy!

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