Spitting up in Style

It’s been too long, folks.  What have I been doing?  Well, a little of this…

with these people….

My sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nieces came in town, and boy did we have fun.  They were here a week, and I was so sad to see them leave.  This is weird for me because I’m always ready to get rid of anyone who is here that long… but not them.  While they were here, did I sew?  Not really.  I did play a lot of canasta, though.

Today, though, I finally got back in the swing of things.

The bibs (minus the appliques) were $8.99 for the three-pack at Target.  All I did was grab some scraps and stitched the letters on.

Well, maybe I also grabbed some fusible webbing, stabilizer, and embroidery thread.

Bottom line is that this took no time, and I think it’s just precious.  My stitch isn’t perfect, but the baby I’m giving this to is just going to spit up peas on it anyway.

Is it weird that I want to run out and buy a million more bibs and applique a million more things on them to give to my friends who have babies.  and those that will soon have babies.  and the people I don’t even know who have babies.  Because, you know, all babies need something this cute.  My son did not have precious bibs, so I couldn’t feed that poor kid in public.  He had to eat at home.  Had he had these, oh, the places we’d have gone.

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1 Response to Spitting up in Style

  1. suzanne mceachern says:

    He sure had some cute burp clothes though,

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