Sock Monkey Love

Have you been to the Quilt Story blog?  Heather and Megan find quilts they like and post the stories behind them.  They started this because they saw so many cool quilts with great stories to tell, and wanted to provide a venue for just that, and so Quilt Story began.  Well, guess who is featured over there today?  Yep- your’s truly.  Go check it out.  Heather and Megan, once again, thank you so much for the opportunity.

Fresh Poppy Design

The quilt featured is pretty much the same concept as one Kim finished this weekend for her daughter’s friend who loves sock monkeys.  All quarter square triangles using layer cakes.

Kim backed this quilt with Moda Snuggly, which was a brilliant idea, and I long armed swirls all over it during our little retreat.  While I was doing this, she made one of the best meals imaginable– chicken cordon bleu.  I’m still dreaming about it.

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4 Responses to Sock Monkey Love

  1. Congrats! And I am totally in awe that you are going to buy a farm. Can I come live with you? Yes? Awesome. I’ll bring snacks.

  2. Char says:

    Thanks, I love the blog. Your quilt is beautiful and your story is inspiring. I need to find a way to support my addiction also!

  3. Candy says:

    Great story. I didn’t know you wanted a farm. Seth could really make yogurt from the beginning. The cutest thing you have made is in the bottom picture.

  4. Suzanne McEachern says:

    How nice to seee you featured! I like candy’s comment, how true!

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