Doll Bedding

Poor Samantha.  This isn’t her doll bed, nor is it her bedding.  She’s just the model.  My nieces are coming to visit soon, and this is for one the older one.  We gave her an American Girl doll two years ago (one that looks like her).  Now it’s my younger niece’s turn.  She’s getting her doll when she comes to visit.  If I can part with her– we got her Julie.

I love this whole ensemble.  It makes me want to have a tea party in bed.  Or make some doll clothes.  Yes, I’ll have to do just that!

Fabrics used were from the Good Folks line by Anna Maria Horner.  The triangles were scraps from giant flying geese on another quilt.  That quilt top is done and will be making an appearance soon, and if you like the doll quilt, you’ll love the grown up one  It’s rather delicious.

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2 Responses to Doll Bedding

  1. So So cute! It turned out so so cute.

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